What Is The Lifestyle Liberation Academy?

And How Can It Help You Do Work You Love?

The Lifestyle Liberation Academy is a membership training portal + community that contains training and support to help you turn your passion into a thriving online business.

The Story Behind the Academy

HenriHey there,

I'm Henri, the founder of the Lifestyle Liberation Academy.

In 2006, I paid an internet marketing coach $10,000.

Suffice it to say, it didn't work out.

I spent the next three years trying to figure out how to make a living online.

I tried. I gave up. And I tried again. Eventually things clicked. And when they did, I went from $0 to $3,000+ per month within a few years.

In 2009, my blog Wake Up Cloud was born. It quickly grew to thousands of subscribers while my girlfriend and I lived in Spain. (The picture of me above is of me in Spain).

As the years passed, I listened to my readers. I created products, courses, and coached people. Yet during all this time I felt like something was missing.

I was putting out the right information, but few took action. People wanted more support. They had questions, and they ran into obstacles.

Eventually my focus on how I could help the most led to the Lifestyle Liberation Academy.

The Academy contains both training and support. It focuses not only on the right information, but on implementation, which is crucial.

In the Academy, we realize that it's only by putting the work that we will create the life of our dreams.

There are no quick fixes.

No scams.

No unethical practices.

Nothing you couldn't tell your grandmother about.

And we have an active community forum where you can ask as many questions as you want. (No question is too stupid or simple).

Every course in the Academy is based on what works in the real world. Today, Wake Up Cloud has grown to 13,000+ subscribers, and reaches people all around the world.

It takes hard work to build an online business around a topic you enjoy, but it is possible. And the journey starts with taking just one tiny step forward.

How Do You Join The Academy?

The AcademyThe Academy opens for new members every month or so.

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