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I love my son, my partner, books, cartooning, learning, meditation and Star Wars. That's pretty much my life.

How Life Works (And Why It Matters)

I bumped into this talk some time ago by Michael Neill (from He’s a success coach and he’s one of the few coaches I listen to.

In this talk he goes through how we create our experience of life, how we use thought, and what we can do differently if we want to be happier, have more success, and of course, be awesomer.

What Michael talks about in this talk is deceptive. Most people dismiss it as obvious, but it’s far from it.

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The Most Powerful Commencement Address Ever

The path to following your dreams isn’t easy.

In fact, it’s the hardest thing you can do in life.

To follow your calling means to face your fears, face your peers, and to take action no matter what.

In this speech, you get a real world example of someone who followed his interests, without knowing where it would all lead.

And even though rationally it doesn’t make sense, the dots connect down the line, and oh do they connect.

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Lifestyle Blogging – Lesson #2 – 4 Ways to Come Up With Unlimited Blog Topics

In this second lesson of the Lifestyle Blogging course, we dive into 4 simple ways to come up with unlimited blog post ideas.

Yes, unlimited.

If you get good at the techniques in this lesson, your problem won’t be not having any ideas, it will be having too many ideas, so proceed at your own risk.

To listen to the lesson, click the play button below.

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