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In this fourth module, you’ll learn how to set-up your website and what the crucial elements are for a successful home base.

Module 4: Home Base

Your home base is your platform.

It’s what people will tell their friends about. It’s where you’ll build your audience, and it’s the hub of everything you do.

It’s crucial to get right. Unfortunately, most people get it wrong, because they don’t know what is important and what is not.

In this module, we’ll dive into the core elements. You’ll discover that there’s not much you need on your website to succeed.

Click play on the video and enjoy!

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The Purpose of the Different Wake Up Cloud Pages

So I’ve gotten a few people asking about why Wake Up Cloud is structured the way it is, so I thought I’d make a video to explain everything.

And one of the main confusions has been why I have a separate landing page for my newsletter, and why it’s hard to get there from my homepage.

All is explained in this video. Enjoy, and keep the questions coming.

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Q&A: How to Fill the Hire Me Page

My website is almost ready but I haven’t filled anything into my ‘services and programs’ page because I don’t quite know what my services will be and I haven’t created any programs yet! Am working on that. So, when you are first starting out, what can I put there? Just a little blurb about if you want to do coach with me, please contact me at… etc. It seems so empty…

Great question!

I would first think about what you would coach people on. For example, if your case, I know you work with people going through major life change and stressful times.

So that’s what your coaching would be about. For others reading this, if you don’t know what your coaching is about, try to guess what you would like to coach about.

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How to Start a Blog – The Ultimate Guide

How to Start a Blog - The Ultimate GuideNote: This was originally a blog post over at I thought I’d add it here for easier access.

Are you thinking about learning how to start a blog?

A splendid idea.

Creating a blog has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. It has changed my life.

I started this blog in late 2009. It has since grown to around 60,000 visitors per month and over 10,000 subscribers.

So what you’re about to read comes straight from personal experience.

In this guide you’ll discover what has worked for me, and what hasn’t. I’ll also share the tools I use and recommend.

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