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In this module, you’ll learn all about relationship and email marketing. How to build your list, how to stay in touch, and how to build your business.

Module 6: Email Marketing

You’ve heard all about the importance of building a list.

But what you may not know is how it is done.

Where do you start? What tools do you need? And what do you need to think about to get it right?

As always, that’s exactly what we’ll cover in this lesson.

We’ll look at the what, why, how, when, and all the other goodies that will help you get started with your email list.

I’ve also included a checklist that you can print out, because there are quite a few tasks here, and the checklist will keep you on track.

Remember, one step at a time is all it takes.


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Landing Pages 101 Video

Are you confused about landing pages?

You’re not alone. Eddie, a fellow Academy member asked me to create a video on what landing pages are, how you can use them, and what not to do.

And that’s exactly what I did.

In this 15 minute video, we’ll go through the essentials of landing pages. When you’re done watching, you’ll know exactly what to do to create a landing page for your business.

Let’s dive right in.

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Q&A: What Do I Do With Another Free Ebook?

I created my email signup incentive and it’s up as a free product if you sign up for the newsletter. But I created another ebook, and I don’t know where to put it. Should I put it in my newsletter, under my products or somewhere else? Do people often have more free products they give away when people sign up to their newsletter?

You can do several things. You could:

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How to Add Beautiful Email Sign-Up Forms to Your Blog

In order for you to build your email list, you have to let people know that you have something to offer.

And you do this by strategically placing your sign-up forms in your sidebar and after your blog posts, at least to start with.

But it’s not enough to use Aweber’s ready-made sign-up forms, because they don’t look professional most of the time, and they don’t allow you to put anything after your blog posts.

For that, you’d need a professional designer, which often costs $100 or more.

The solution is to use a plugin called Elevatr. It’s a plugin a friend of mine has created. I use it on Wake Up Cloud and it’s extremely well-built, not to mention easy to use.

So how much is this plugin going to cost you? Well, the original price is $37 (for the personal option), but I’ve gotten a sweet deal for you for $18.5.

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The Definitive Guide to Starting a Profitable Email Newsletter

This guide was last updated and revised in 2013.

If you want to build a profitable online business, you need an email newsletter. It’s that simple.

Create Your First Email NewsletterAnd in this article you’ll learn exactly how to start one.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The email service provider I recommend and use
  • How to create your first email list
  • How to design a beautiful web form
  • How to put that form on your WordPress blog

Simple, and extremely step-by-step.

Whatever you do, do NOT put off starting an email newsletter, because while you may save a few bucks now, it will end up costing you thousands down the road in lost opportunities.

What is an Email Newsletter Anyway?

An email newsletter is a way for you to stay in touch with your readers via one of the most powerful mediums online: email.

In order to start one, you need an email service provider. You can’t really send out emails manually, because there will be deliverability issues.

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