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Email marketing is the key to building a successful online business. You have to build your list, but how do you do it in the right way? And once you’ve got subscribers, how do you use email marketing ethically and to grow your business? The answers lie somewhere below.

Landing Pages 101 Video

Are you confused about landing pages?

You’re not alone. Eddie, a fellow Academy member asked me to create a video on what landing pages are, how you can use them, and what not to do.

And that’s exactly what I did.

In this 15 minute video, we’ll go through the essentials of landing pages. When you’re done watching, you’ll know exactly what to do to create a landing page for your business.

Let’s dive right in.

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Exclusive Email Marketing Seminar

Not too long ago, I was interviewed by Ali Luke from on how to use email marketing properly.

We’ll be covering this in the Academy, so look at this as warm-up content, and just something to dive deeper into if you’re interested.

In this seminar, you’ll learn:

  • What email marketing is, and why it’s so powerful
  • How to get started and build your email list
  • Different ways you can format your emails
  • What options you have for your content
  • Why you might want to create more than one email list

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How to Make More Sales and Create a Product People Want

Stuart had trouble getting sales on his book, and getting people to engage. He wasn’t getting the mileage he wanted out of his email list.

So I got on the case. I examined what could be wrong, and in this critique video, I share 3 core tips that Stuart could implement to dramatically increase his sales and engagement.

When you watch the video, you’ll discover:

– How often to send out emails
– How to position your product for maximum sales
– Why giving too much can backfire (and what to do about it)
– How to make more sales (ethically)
– When emails go wrong (and how to fix them)

Click the video below and enjoy!

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How to Add Beautiful Email Sign-Up Forms to Your Blog

In order for you to build your email list, you have to let people know that you have something to offer.

And you do this by strategically placing your sign-up forms in your sidebar and after your blog posts, at least to start with.

But it’s not enough to use Aweber’s ready-made sign-up forms, because they don’t look professional most of the time, and they don’t allow you to put anything after your blog posts.

For that, you’d need a professional designer, which often costs $100 or more.

The solution is to use a plugin called Elevatr. It’s a plugin a friend of mine has created. I use it on Wake Up Cloud and it’s extremely well-built, not to mention easy to use.

So how much is this plugin going to cost you? Well, the original price is $37 (for the personal option), but I’ve gotten a sweet deal for you for $18.5.

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Why Nobody is Signing Up to Your Email Newsletter (And What to Do About It)

Where's Your Newsletter Gift? Picture by JD Hancock

A few minutes after I sent out the email, sales began trickling in for my newest product.

Just a few days later I had over 100 sales and more coming in, and I knew I couldn’t have had the same amount of success without an email newsletter filled with people who were interested in what I have to say.

Building an email list is as important to a lifestyle business as proper nutrition is to your body. You can live without it (for a time), but you’ll struggle.

It used to be enough to tell people you had a newsletter to get them to sign-up, but those days are long gone.

If you want to have a successful newsletter, you need a strategy that gets people interested enough to subscribe.

Are there steps you can take to make that happen?

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5 Stupid Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Never Make

Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Burning to the Ground? Picture by poolie

When you were a baby, you made a lot of mistakes.

You learned to walk by falling over a gazillion times.

You hit your head, you cried, and you learned to be more careful, so your brain wouldn’t leak out.

You put things in your mouth. Some of it tasted good, while some didn’t.

We’re learning machines, yet most people avoid making mistakes. It isn’t fun, but it leads to success.

There are plenty of mistakes you can make in email marketing that can ruin your efforts.

The good news is that you don’t have to make them, at least not the biggest ones, because we’ll cover them right now.

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The Definitive Guide to Starting a Profitable Email Newsletter

This guide was last updated and revised in 2013.

If you want to build a profitable online business, you need an email newsletter. It’s that simple.

Create Your First Email NewsletterAnd in this article you’ll learn exactly how to start one.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The email service provider I recommend and use
  • How to create your first email list
  • How to design a beautiful web form
  • How to put that form on your WordPress blog

Simple, and extremely step-by-step.

Whatever you do, do NOT put off starting an email newsletter, because while you may save a few bucks now, it will end up costing you thousands down the road in lost opportunities.

What is an Email Newsletter Anyway?

An email newsletter is a way for you to stay in touch with your readers via one of the most powerful mediums online: email.

In order to start one, you need an email service provider. You can’t really send out emails manually, because there will be deliverability issues.

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How to Pick the Perfect Email Marketing Service for Your Lifestyle Business

Need Help Finding the Best Email Marketing Service? - Picture by Dimitri

Imagine for a moment that you’re in the process of cooking a delicious meal for a room of 500. You’re in the kitchen, and you’re creating some of your best stuff.

But then, uh oh.

The electricity runs out, you hear something explode in the oven, and a dog gets into the kitchen and eats up a big chunk of the main meal and a piece of the cake.

You could blame it all on luck, but you realize that it could’ve been prevented.

The same holds true for picking the best email marketing service provider.

Pick the wrong one, and you may end up with an incident.

Pick the right one, and you may end up saving yourself a lot of grief.

When you’re running a lifestyle business, you want everything to run smoothly, because the more you have to micro-manage the process, the less time you have to live life.

That’s why I don’t go shopping for the cheapest email marketing service provider. I find the best fit for me. This doesn’t mean I buy the most expensive, just something that works.

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What Email Marketing is and How it Helps You Build a Lifestyle Business

What Email Marketing is and How it Helps You Build a Lifestyle Business - picture by fedewild

When I started learning about online marketing in late 2006, I heard about email marketing and how important it was to build a list.

I heard about the “gurus” making thousands when they sent off an email to their list. It seemed great, but I could never figure out how I could apply the same principles without putting people off.

When I finally started this blog, I also started one of my first email lists, and my first emails were horrible. I made dozens and dozens of mistakes.

But it was through trial and error that I learned, and in this email marketing series, I’ll share some of what I’ve learned, so you can skip the learning curve.

Building a list is one of the most important things you can do when you’re building a lifestyle business. I can’t stress that enough, so I’ll say it again.

Building a list is one of the most important things you can do.

Most information out there on email marketing is overwhelming, because people aren’t good at presenting information, but this isn’t rocket science.

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