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Finding and Living Your Purpose

Here, Lora LeFhae and I explore what it means to find and follow your purpose.

Because what does it truly mean? Living your purpose isn’t about deciding on a path through your mind.

It’s about becoming aware of your inner GPS, your body, and noticing where life takes you.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover:

  • What does it mean to find and follow your purpose?
  • What the true journey of life is
  • How to discover your true purpose
  • The secret to dealing with fear, anxiety, and confusion
  • The process of becoming more awake and aware
  • Differentiating between sensory pleasures, and your inner GPS
  • The trap of trying to find your passion

So have a listen below, and enjoy.

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Listening to Your Inner Authority

In this interview, Michael Long asks me questions about how to follow your inner authority.

We go through the common pitfalls, what to think about, and how to listen to your inner GPS.

Because in the end, life isn’t lived through your mind. If you try, you end up exhausted, frustrated, and confused.

It’s only when you start to experiment with your inner authority that the pieces start falling into place.

And that’s what this interview is about, so enjoy, and if you have any questions, come on over to the forums.

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How to Write Kindle Books That Sell

Dejan is at it again, interviewing me about interesting topics.

This time we tackle Kindle Publishing.

Here’s what you’re about to learn:

  • Getting started with Kindle publishing (and avoiding overwhelm)
  • Is it truly possible to make money with Kindle book?
  • The truth about promoting your published book
  • The best software for writing and formatting your Kindle book
  • How to do research and determine the best book idea
  • How long should your books be?
  • Tax tips for international authors
  • Using your books to build your email list ethically
  • Finding a cover for your book (and why it’s crucial)
  • My (Henri’s) biggest sticking points and mistakes
  • The absolute best tip for getting started
  • And, as always, so much more

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How to Grow Your Email List with an Ethical Bribe

In today’s world, a visitor will rarely join your email list unless you give them a good reason.

What’s a good reason? A relevant, high-quality bribe.

They join your email list, and they get instant satisfaction in terms of a PDF report, a short MP3 recording, a video, or even the first email of an enticing email sequence.

In this interview, Zell and I chat about what incentive might fit for his website, so buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

Please note that this was recorded in 2013 when Zell was just getting started. Zell has come a long way since then. You’ll also notice, if you visit his website, that he doesn’t have a sign up incentive, at least not at the time I write this. Why? Because he’s testing what works and what doesn’t.

The key here is to take action and test things, not to get stuck on finding the perfect formula. As you listen to you interview, take what resonates, but above all, do what you can with what you have.

That said, here’s what you’re about to discover:

  • What to do if your idea feels too stupid or too simple
  • Other fears (and how I deal with them in the early days)
  • How to blend in your story (and allow the right people to gravitate to you)
  • How to come up with a hypnotic signup incentive that makes people go ‘wow’
  • What to put in your welcome email (so your subscribers don’t flee for their lives)

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How to Launch Your First Product

Ever wonder what it takes to launch a digital product?

Well, Dejan wasn’t absolutely sure, so we got on Skype and he interviewed me.

In other words, he asked me a bunch of questions so that he could prepare for his upcoming product launch.

Curiosity Inducers

Without further rambling, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What payment processor to use
  • How to protect your product (and files)
  • How to make an up-sell (and should you do it?)
  • Do you need a separate email list for your product?
  • What emails to send when you’re about to launch
  • How to build in urgency (without being sleazy)
  • Why you should set your price first
  • How to price your product (before and after launch)
  • Bonuses: yay or nay?
  • Why you need to relax (and have more fun)
  • How to design your product (cover + insides)
  • How to keep promoting your product (after launch)

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How to Find and Follow Your Passion

In this interview, Tracy grills me on finding and following your passion.

Tracy runs the blog The Love Vitamin, and she offers this interview as a bonus for those who buy her book, Find Your Passion & Live Your Dreams.

So I thought I’d snap the interview and share it with you guys since we covered a lot of valuable ground.

In this interview, you’ll discover:

  • How I found and followed my passion in the early days
  • Why your definition of passion determines your happiness
  • The power of starting small (and letting things take their time)
  • How to start taking action (and what to look out for)
  • What keeps me motivated and excited
  • Why you’re already on the right track
  • The pitfall of thinking “I’ll be happy when…”
  • The truth about fears and challenges
  • And so much more

We cover quite a lot, so download the MP3 and listen to it, or read the transcript.

Either way, I recommend you go through both formats, because it’ll help you learn more and get even more ideas.

And like I always say, the more you come back to the same material, the more you get out of it, because we do not retain everything in one single read or listen.

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How to Make $6,000 Per Month with Kindle Books

Steve Scott

A smiling Steve Scott

Steve Scott is an affiliate marketer who stumbled upon Kindle publishing in early 2012.

He eventually used Kindle books to drive traffic to his websites, but as time went on, he discovered that he could actually make a substantial amount of money by writing books.

So he began writing, and he began putting out high-quality books, and it helped him get to $6,000-$8,000 per month from Kindle books alone.

Here’s a taste of the goodness you’re about to discover:

  • Exactly how much money Steve is making with his books
  • How long it takes for a beginner to reach $1,000 per month with Kindle books
  • The biggest mistake Steve made (and how to avoid it)
  • The writing style that Amazon readers love
  • How to come up with fantastic titles for your books
  • Why you should give away your book for free
  • A glimpse into Steve’s writing process
  • And so much more …

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How to Start a Podcast

Podcasting is growing every single year.

There are only a few hundred thousand active podcasts, while there are millions and millions of blogs out there. The competition is fierce, and starting a podcast is a great way to stand out.

Remember, if you’re just getting started, you don’t have to try and start a podcast right away. Pick one thing and focus on that.

If you enjoy talking and resonate with starting a podcast, then this interview will help.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover:

  • The main benefits of doing a podcast
  • How to get influential people to come on your podcast
  • How to find your style of interviewing
  • Do you need an intro/outro song (and other fancy stuff)?
  • How to beat nervousness
  • What software and equipment do you need to record a podcast?
  • The importance of eliminating noises (and why most people make this mistake)
  • What software to use to edit your podcast (it’s free)
  • Why you should NEVER host your podcast with your regular webhost
  • How long should your podcast episodes be?

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Interview with Tom Ewer: How to Make Money Freelance Writing

Tom with his nephew and niece.

Tom with his nephew and niece.

Tom is 27 years old. He’s from a town called Rugby in the UK.

And he makes a living as a freelance writer and a professional blogger.

He can work from anywhere in the world, as long as he has a laptop and an internet connection.

He’s been published on some of the largest blogs in the world.

But it hasn’t always been like this. In 2011, he quit a lucrative and secure job to pursue a dream, which was to run his own successful business.

And he’s succeeded at that.

I’ve brought him here to talk about how he was able to quickly build up a freelance writing income of several thousand per month.

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Interview with Paul Wolfe: How to Use Video to Build a Six-Figure Business

Paul with his bass guitar.

Paul with his bass guitar.

A long time ago, Paul began playing bass guitar.

Then he decided to start a band. After that, he started teaching people how to play the bass guitar, and he did it all online.

But he didn’t use guest blogging or common traffic generation strategies, he used video back when video wasn’t mainstream.

He leveraged video and YouTube to build a six-figure a year business just on teaching people how to play the bass guitar.

While his picture (to the right) may be scary, he is not. He’s friendly and filled with wisdom, which you’ll get to tap into when you listen to this interview.

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