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Interview with Chris Garrett: How to Get Noticed (And Build a Loyal Audience)

Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett is an online business consultant, teacher, coach, new media industry commentator, writer (some might argue that point), speaker, and all-round web geek.

He has been involved in several startups and has written for some of the web’s best-loved blogs.

Although he has been “online” since the 1980′s, it was in 1994 Chris first became addicted to the World Wide Web.

Since then he has helped thousands of individuals, non-profits, “mom-and-pop” businesses and blue chips.

While his advertising agency career had him working with household name brands such as Heinz, Toshiba, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and Durex, amongst others, now he mostly concentrates on helping smaller advice-based businesses, such as consultants, authors, freelancers, speakers and coaches.

As well as working in his own business, Chris recently (May 2012) joined the team at Copyblogger to help their workload developing educational content. Chris will be working with the team to both run structured programs and to provide free bonus content for Copyblogger software and services.

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Interview with Yours Truly: From Professional Poker Player to Evolved Lifestyle Business Owner

I was interviewed by Faheem Moosa from recently, and I wanted to share this interview with you.

I share a lot of my early failures and successes, and share a few things I’ve never shared before, because Faheem asked some excellent questions.

The interview starts at around 02:15, so you can fast-forward there if you want to jump right in.


And let me know if you have any questions.

Interview with Pace & Kyeli: How to Find Your Path (And Follow Your Heart in Business)

Pace and Kylie

Pace & Kyeli

This is an excellent interview with Pace & Kyeli, where we talk about how you can find your path, and find clarity in what you do.

So often you’re just plain confused about what to do, where to go, and how to do it.

In this interview, I grill Pace & Kyeli, who help people find their purpose/passion/path, for practical tips on what you can do to gain clarity.

And this interview is excellent, because we talk about practical things you can do to connect to your heart, which is your inner GPS.

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How to Create Products That Sell

This is an exclusive interview, where Academy member Dejan grills me about how to create a product that people want to buy, and how to sell it in an ethical way.

If you want to interview on any topic related to following your passion and building your business, let me know and we can set something up.

Please note that this interview was done when the Academy was called the Tribe, so you’ll hear some references to the Tribe.

In this interview, you’ll discover:

  • How to figure out what people actually want to buy (so you avoid wasting time and effort)
  • The art of pricing your product
  • How to sell your product (what services you need, and which ones you don’t)
  • Naming your product (so your customers instantly know what it’s about)
  • Some of the common product creation pitfalls you should avoid
  • How to deal with obnoxious customers
  • Dealing with refund rates (and why they aren’t all bad)
  • How to know how big or small your product should be (hint: it’s all about expectations)

We cover quite a lot, so download the MP3 and listen to it, or read the transcript.

Either way, I recommend you go through both formats, because it’ll help you learn more and get even more ideas.

And like I always say, the more you come back to the same material, the more you get out of it, because we do not retain everything in one single read or listen.

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