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Chris Garrett

Henri does what he teaches, especially when it comes to working hard in his programs to remove the overwhelm and get members moving towards their goals. I have no doubt he can help you make progress!

Chris Garrett Co-Author of ProBlogger
Renee Millares

I’ve joined several different courses on blogging and earning money online. Some of the were quite expensive, but none of them gave me what the Lifestyle Liberation Academy has. In the courses I’ve tried before, there usually wasn’t the ability to ask questions. And if I could, my questions were often misunderstood. One big difference with the Academy is the support that Henri has built. Another difference I value greatly is how the Academy provides many training/courses. It’s very holistic in that way – a very broad spectrum. It has resources for getting you into the right mindset, as well as resources for your technical needs.

Renee Millares USA
Dejan Antic

If you want to discover who you are, and how to follow your purpose in life, talk to Henri. What I learned will help me navigate through life with more ease. I feel more confident now in following my inner GPS, which means less worrying, and more doing what I love.

Dejan Antic Slovenia
Zell Liew

After a few months in the Academy, I went from zero to getting my first clients and making my first $100. I took massive action under gentle nudges by Henri. The part I like most about the Academy is the support. I can ask as many questions as I want and I’m never criticized or made to feel stupid.

Zell Liew
Theresa Ho

You [Henri] have been tremendously helpful for the past YEAR! and I HAVE ENJOYED the Academy. Thank you for creating it and teaching us how to create and build our lifestyle around our passion. I especially enjoyed the technical bits. You have a down to earth nature in how you approach things and it makes things so simple and easy to understand. I would recommend the Academy to others who are the verge of starting their passion to join and check it out.

Theresa Ho

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